Whistler Realtor Q&A – Marika Koenig

June 9, 2016
Marika Koenig

When did you first come to Whistler?

I first came to Whistler in 1992 from Regina after graduating university in Toronto. I initially came for the mountain biking, that’s what drew me here – a year off and a great place to ride my bike.

What made you stay?

The continued recreational pursuits, a love for the mountains and just a great community. I met my husband here and I love living in a small town that’s also just a short drive to an international city.

When did you first get into real estate?

A friend of mine was working in real estate and asked me to partner up with her. I’d been working in event management and it was just time for a change.

What aspects of real estate do you enjoy the most?

I have a personal interest in developments and construction. We sell houses, I like to build houses – my husband and I have built a couple of houses and renovated homes so I really enjoy the process and it’s great information for me to understand and be able to provide for my clients.

What do you like about the lifestyle here?

I like being in a small town in nature, right next to a trail, a mountain, a lake, all of which are literally minutes away.

Where I personally live, I can walk out my door and within a couple of minutes be at the beach or on the lake. I can go on the water, the golf course is right there, I can mountain bike.

That’s really what it is – accessibility to recreational pursuits. But also, I like to have a short commute to come to the office!

What is it like to raise a family in Whistler?

It’s great, there are so many options and Whistler kids are all really active. My husband and I have a daughter and there are always so many things going on to get kids involved with.

One of the best things about raising a family here is that you can participate alongside your kids as well. How I grew up it’s different, you don’t go out for a bike ride with your parents whereas here that’s something you do, you go skiing as a family, you get on the lake, and in that way it’s really special.

What do you think is the most important thing to consider when looking for a real estate agent?

I think you need to find an agent who matches your values and what you’re looking for. You need to be confident that you’re hiring someone you can trust and that also gives you an honest answer.

I take this business very seriously because whether buying or selling, it’s such an important process for people in their lives and they want to hire someone who’s just as serious about it as they are.

What does life in Whistler mean to you?

I love to do all these great things in Whistler and I can share with you all the great things about this community but at the end of the day it comes down to business and making sure that you get the right property at the right price, or you sell your property for the most money possible. That to me is what is most important and I take it very seriously.


You can get in touch with Marika and view her current listings HERE.

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