Whistler Realtor Q&A: Victoria Cole

August 4, 2020
Victoria Cole

What is the best date you’ve ever gone on in Whistler?

A: We started in a canoe floating down the River of Golden Dreams and ended up around the far side of Edgewater where a waiter/bartender was ready in a 3 piece suit. The table was set and there were flowers and a brand new red dress. We had a five course meal with wine pairings in total outdoor privacy and then went dancing all night. It was all a surprise!!


You’re in line at the grocery store, what last-minute item do you grab to purchase?

A: Gummy bears and Kettle Chips


How would you spend your ideal day in Whistler?

A: Sled-skiing with my friends.


What’s your go-to conversation topic on the chair lift?

A: Where we are headed next!


When friends or family come to visit, what’s the number one place you have to take them to?

A: Sushi Village, Superfly and Escape Room (is that 1 or 3 places?)


What drew you to Real Estate?

A: I love it here in Whistler so I can really get behind anyone who already is or wants to be part of the market here. It is a real passion of mine to encourage people to invest in robust markets especially where they can improve their quality of life and their investment portfolio.


If you could sell anything, what would it be?

A: Waterfront, privacy, views and of course ski-in/ski-out.


Who is your Dream Client? And, why?

A: Anyone who knows what they want and has reasonable expectations about finding it.


Favourite Part of Being a Realtor?

A: Creating relationships with people who love it here as much as I do.


What was your first real estate deal? OR Where did you do your first deal?

A: I bought myself a leasehold 2 bedroom townhome on Vancouver Island. I learned so much!


What is your most important quality as a Realtor that you’d like to convey to your client?

A: I’m a kind person with a huge heart who gets really excited about the great investment that real estate is. Don’t be fooled by my sweetness though, I work hard and love a challenge.


In one sentence, why should people live here?

A: To have a fun, healthy and breathtaking environment where you can really enjoy life.

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